How I spent 5 days in Singapore – incl itinerary

This story was originally published on GAFFL, the app that helps you find a travel buddy.   As a part of our three month honeymoon – my husband and I decided to check out Singapore. Photos of the charming and colorful city had flooded my instagram feed for years and I was so excited to check […]

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18 things to do in Kyoto – a 5 day itinerary

Beautiful Kyoto – many traveler’s dream destination, and not hard to see why! Kyoto has so much to offer and you could easily spend 5 days there and still feel like there’s more to see and do! I’ve listed the top attractions that you definetly cannot miss when visiting Kyoto. Be aware that Google maps […]

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15 things to see and do in Osaka – a 3 day guide

So you’ve decided to add Osaka to your Japan itinerary, good choice! Osaka is the third largest city in Japan and is a popular destination with lots to see and do. In case you couldn’t set aside more than 3 days to explore the city, I’ve assembled the top must see’s and do’s so that […]

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7 must try pastries in Sweden

In Sweden we take our coffee breaks seriously. There’s even a special word for sitting down, and enjoying a coffee and pastry, that has no translation: Fika. Below I’ve listed 7 must try pastries for when you’re visiting Sweden. Happy eating! 1. Kanelbulle (Cinnamon bun) A soft bun with a hint of cardamom and a delicate buttery cinnamon […]

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How to see the famous castles in Sintra, Portugal – without feeling like a zoo animal

We all want to see the biggest tourist attractions but hate getting stuck in the crowds – queueing for hours and hours. The equation may seem impossible, but what if it’s not? It all comes down to timing, and frankly, being a little smarter than your peers. We visited Sintra during peak season in May, […]

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What do see and do in Edinburgh – the ultimate guide

If you’re a fan of beautiful architecture, 16th century buildings and mystical alleys, then you’ll definitely love Edinburgh. This old charming city really has it all. It’s no wonder this is the city where J.K Rowling came up with Harry Potter. The inspiration was literally everywhere! For those of you who are planning a trip […]

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Where to find Sweden’s most colorful houses

I used to believe that Sweden was just a beige boring country. Because growing up in a suburb to Stockholm, beige and brown shaded buildings were basically all I saw. Turns out, I was just uneducated! Sweden is full of cute little towns, bursting in color, just waiting to be explored. So if you’re a […]

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10 fairytale castles you’ll find in Sweden and Denmark

If you haven’t at least once in your life dreamt about living in a castle, like a real life fairytale prince or princess, I’m guessing you were born royal. However, us regular folks can at least admire the world’s beautiful castles from the outside. I don’t remember when my husband’s obsessions with castles began, but […]

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The 9 most instagrammable streets in Copenhagen

1. Nyhavn Let’s get it over with soon so we can move on to less touristy spots. If you google Copenhagen, your top hits will probably be pictures of Nyhavn. The colorful hourses along the marina has become Denmark’s version of The Eiffel Tower. A must see of course, but expect crowds! 2. Frederiksgade / Frederik’s […]

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All you need to know about visiting Budapest

Budapest is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities as well as the capitol of Hungary. The city is divided in two sides, Buda and Pest, separated by the river Danube, which happens to be the second largest river in Europe. Budapest is the destination for a weekend trip. While it does hold a lot of […]

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