The 9 most instagrammable streets in Copenhagen

1. Nyhavn

Let’s get it over with soon so we can move on to less touristy spots. If you google Copenhagen, your top hits will probably be pictures of Nyhavn. The colorful hourses along the marina has become Denmark’s version of The Eiffel Tower. A must see of course, but expect crowds!

2. Frederiksgade / Frederik’s Church / The marble church

3. Rundetaarn / Round tower

Not really a street but still one of the highlights of you’re into amazing architecture, natural light and stunning photos.

4. Superkilen

Superkilen is a modern urban park just outside central Copenhagen. It’s definitely worth the trip if you want to see something different and take really cool photos.

5. Sankt Pauls Gade / Tigergade / Amagergade in Nyboder

The Nyboder Houses were commissioned by King Christian IV. From the start, this was a rather privileged area to live in, with private schools, hospitals and even their own police force. The only catch? All male residents were obliged to join the military for up to 20 years.


6. Krusemyntegade

7. Kronprinsessegade

8. Rosenborg Castle

Also not a street but I simply couldn’t make a list about Copenhagen’s finest photospots without mentioning the old royal castle!


9. Magstræde

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  1. Beautiful photos! I’ve yet to visit Copenhagen, but I’ll certainly stop by these locations when I do.

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